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4 Ways to Eliminate Outrageous Data Fees


Author: Zane Claes

For years, I’ve had the dream of being able to work from anywhere in the world and move about as I pleased.  This summer I was poised to make the transition into this lifestyle, but there was just one small catch: I need internet.  As a software engineer, as long as I have my laptop and I can keep in touch with my clients and submit projects on regular intervals, it does not matter where I am.  Almost ready to board a plane to Europe and start exploring, I suddenly became aware what a ridiculous hassle an internet connection becomes when not residing in one’s own country.  In the end, I found four different solutions. Read the rest of this entry »

Business Card Update!


I received my business cards some time ago, but I have been so busy making iPhone apps, I just haven’t had the time to follow up.

I am VERY impressed with the quality of these cards. I’ve ordered business cards for my various roles throughout life, and these are by far the nicest I’ve ever had. Read the rest of this entry »

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Introducing: ¢heapEscape for the iPhone!


Good news, fellow travelrs – we got another iPhone app in the App Store!

cheapEscape, simply put, finds the cheapest flights out of ANY airport. Simply put an airport into the box, and cheapEscape tells you the most affordable airfare from that airport. If you don’t know your airport code, simply start typing the city it’s in, and it will come up! Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing: Airfare for iPhone!


techTravelr’s Flagship iPhone App, ‘Airfare’!

Update: 1.3 Version Now in the App Store!

Airfare is simply a fantastic resource for people who fly, or plan to fly on airplanes – no matter how frequently. Read the rest of this entry »

Ordered Business Cards


Hey fellow techTravelrs!
I just ordered 1,000 business cards from I designed the card myself with Photoshop, but uploading it was a breeze and they have pretty reasonable and competitive pricing. I had ordered from vista print previously, and the quality just wasn’t that great. I’m really hoping these cards have a good print, because I used some smaller fonts that wouldn’t work well with a low-quality print. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maiden Voyage


I look up into the star-riddled sky, reclining betwixt two pinnate palm trees in my hammock on the coast of Sint Maartin. The soft murmur of the waves lazily lapping on the shoreline as an iguana scurries someplace beneath me. I close my eyes and soak it all in, as I open them, I realize that I had only been daydreaming, for the umpteenth time, of my upcoming cruise to the East Caribbean. Only 53 more days… 53 days until bliss surrounds me. Read the rest of this entry »