5 Fact about Samsung Galaxy S8 Officially Released in Indonesia

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Today is the day for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Indonesia. After released on New York at the end of March 2017, today this amazing Smartphone is officially released in Indonesia. But, do you know the 5 fact about this Samsung galaxy S8 ?. Okey let’s find out.


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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Released in Indonesia in 2 May 2017, quite late released. Why, at the end of March it was released in New York, USA.
  2. Galaxy S8 released in Indonesia inside the Unbox Your Phone Event, in Jakarta today 2 may 2017.
  3. Samsung says that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy s8 Plus (Kwon – President of samsung Indonesia), is a Samsung commitment as the leader of Smartphone market to give smartphone sophistication technology that must continuisly for the users.
  4. Beside the infinity display, samsung want the fiture and the easyst to use of this Galaxy s8 and S8 plus can make samsung more strong position as market leader and become smartphone trend.
  5. Even this Galaxy s8 have big screen but it easy in hand and comfortable to use.

That’s the 5 fact that i get from this released of samsung galaxy s8 in indonesia.

Few pict of those smartphone . 😀

Big Smartphone screen in our hand, but with these cool design material, samsung give great smartphone to the owner.


At those pict we can see the charger and the speaker place.

all pict we get from **.handphone.me* site

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