5 Android 7.0 Nougat features you must know

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We have collect some of android 7.0 Nougat features that you must know. This features can be use, of course if your gadget have been upgraded to android 7.0 Nougat. Here below is the 7 features


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  1. Clear-all button. This feature in Nougat were include by google to close all open apps with single tap. To access this button, scrool to the top of the preview cards, and you will get this button at the top.
  2. Reply message from anywhere. Like in iOS, now you can have this feature. If you receive message like from facebook mesenger, you will see a new reply option at the bottom of the alert. Then you can tap those button and start type your reply message. You can ever leaving your current screen to write those replay.
  3. Data Saver. This feature can be use to help reduce data usage. The works of this is this data saver prevent some app from sending or receiving unneccessary data in the background. So, it can minimalize the download or upload data of your background process.
  4. Quick app switching. Now Nougat has feature to quickly switch between the last two apps that you used by doule tap on the multitasking button. QUick and painles.
  5. Multiwindows. Wow, a new feature that myself wait since long time a go. This support on phones also. How it go, a long press on multitasking button will ake the app that currently use and you have option to pict another app that open in background. You can adjust the size of those two windows as you like.

Interesting ?? Amazing Nougat Features ? Pict at top we get from cnet.

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