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8 Pros and cons of Windows 10s vs Old windows 10

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Last day, microsoft announce of windows 10s that were applicated on the surface laptop that also been introduced by Panos pinoy. We have been collected 8 Pros and cons of these two Operating System.

  1. Windows 10s is a barely new operating system . So, Windows 10s and windows 10 is different.
  2. Windows 10s has Speed more fast, boot in just 15 seconds. Builted and run on lesser hardware configuration.
  3. Windows 10s can installed via USB with preconfigured Options
  4.  It has Significant battery life rather than the windows 10. On surface laptop, it says that it can make last up to 14.5 hours on single charge.
  5. This windows 10s have wide compability, so if your computer can run windows 10, sure it also can installed windows 10s.
  6. Price, it has low cost. For new PC build, it can be build with $189 price starting.
  7. Goodby Desktop programs. In this new operating system, you can not run software that you have to install from desktop. All the application comes from the windows store.
  8. Good by Google. Some controversially i things, microsoft announce that this windows 10s can’t use other search engine than Bing.

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That’s few information that we got regarding the pros and cons that I gathered today. We will give update for another clue and review of these Windows 10s when we get another info.

pict from forbes and businesinsider

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